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Outlook Overview

Minaret Foundation Outlook Overview: 2nd Edition

Let’s talk about 2022! Here are some of our successes from last year:

Competing In Goodness

We hosted our first Competing In Goodness! A competition bringing together masajid, synagogues, and churches in a competition to raise food for their Houston neighbors. This interfaith program raised over 7 TONS of food!

Muslim Women’s Forum

Our Muslim Women’s Forum started by hosting Rep. Ann Johnson and Dorothy Gibbons. This event was a platform to address Muslim women’s challenges through interactive discussions with change-makers. 

No Kids In Cuffs

No Kids In Cuffs was introduced on the Texas and federal levels! Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia introduced the legislation in Congress, while Sen. Royce West and Rep. Lacey Hull introduced it in Texas. To help move this legislation forward, please sign the petition

Our 2022 Interns

Our 2022 Internship cohort learned all about non-profits and public policy! We are so proud of each of them and are excited to follow along with their 2023 successes! 

Legislative Health Briefing

Our Legislative Health Briefing hosted Rep. Tom OliversonRep. Sam Harless, and Dr. Sherif Zaafran to discuss shaping public health policy in Texas. This sold-out event provided an opportunity to engage key legislators involved in the future of public health policy. 

More Successes:

  • We introduced a policy called “Multi-Faith Optional School Holidays” in Clear Creek ISD, which successfully recognizes both Eids, and holidays for Sikhs, Jews, and Hindus. It eliminates testing, absences, and school activities on those days. 
  • We launched our partnership with An-Nisa Hope Center to advance domestic violence policy in the Texas legislature.  Register for our Domestic Violence Policy Briefing with them in January. 
  • We launched the Ahmed AlYasin Public Policy Fellowship and the Patoli and Noor Family Fellowship.
  • We entered into a partnership with Rice University to work on public policy with their SOPA program.
  • We hosted our 14th Annual Muslim Jewish Christmas! 
  • We worked with Congregation Shma Koleinu to host the city’s first Interfaith Kickball Tournament.
  • Ramadan 2022 saw the introduction of 13 resolutions recognizing Ramadan in municipalities that had not done so previously, including Brazoria County. 
  • We spoke about Islam at 43 faith, community, and education centers, including three law enforcement agencies. 
  • We worked with the Houston Chronicle, Texas Tribune, CBS National, and seven other stations in the Houston and Dallas area to highlight the accomplishments of Muslims and the Muslim community. 

We continue to work this week on child welfare, food insecurity, and religious freedom. Follow us on your favorite social media platform for the most up-to-date information about Minaret Foundation: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin!

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