We made NATIONAL news! Did you see it?

We were featured in a national news story with the Religious News Service! It was an honor to have our work featured to show how a Muslim organization is working to better the lives of all Texans.

“Rep. Jacey Jetton, a Republican from nearby Fort Bend County, one of the most diverse districts in the state of Texas, began working with Minaret Foundation as a freshman legislator and has helped pass bills recognizing religious and cultural diversity in Texas.

“There is a verse in the Qur’an: ‘and do good, for God surely loves the doers of good,’” Ghani said. “I keep reminding myself about this because there are a lot of hurdles. As long as our intentions are good, to help children, to help people have freedom of worship, I believe we are walking in the path of God. 

Kait Ewoldt, Minaret’s social media coordinator, is a Christian married to a minister. “You have these world religions that always seem to be at odds with each other, and we bring them together,” she said.

(Read the full article by clicking here)

Your continued support is essential for us to build bridges between faith communities and make a difference in the lives of all Texans, using the sunnah (the life practices) of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

In these last ten nights of Ramadan, we ask for your support to help expand our reach. Our goal is to reach $50,000 before Eid, and we are almost half way there! Can you support our work with a contribution

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