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Take a Look: Austin City-Wide Iftar

We are excited to share highlights from the 2023 Austin City-Wide Iftar on April 2nd. Held at the Asian American Resource Center, this event celebrated unity and Muslim civic engagement during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Iftar dinner featured a variety of delicious dishes, symbolizing the power of shared experiences in bringing people together. The evening also included performances of traditional Islamic poetry and music, fostering a sense of harmony and togetherness.

We were honored to have speakers including Mayor Kirk Watson, Rep. Salman Bhojani, Rep. Suleman Lalani, MD, Rep. Greg Casar, Imam Sheikh Attia Omara, Judge Brittanye Morris, Council Member Zohaib Qadri, and MC Tahera Rahman.

Guests mingled as doors opened at 6:00 PM, and the program began at 6:30 PM with an opening speech by Tahera Rahman. Our speakers emphasized the importance of unity, compassion, and understanding.

Imam Sheikh Attia Omara concluded the night with a powerful address on civic engagement and community service, inspiring us all to be active, engaged citizens.

The 2023 Austin City-Wide Iftar reminded us of unity’s importance. May the spirit of Ramadan inspire us to strive for peace, understanding, and harmony in our communities!

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