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Press Release: No Kids In Cuffs, SB133

Shariq Abdul Ghani
Minaret Foundation
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Eliminates Childhood Restraint In Texas Public Schools

HOUSTON, TX – Senate Bill 133 by Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) and sponsored by Representative Lacey Hull (R-Houston) passed unanimously in the Senate and House and has been signed by Governor Abbott.

Supported by Houston’s Minaret Foundation, Senate Bill 133, known as No Kids In Cuffs, eliminates the physical, chemical, and mechanical restraint of children 10 years of age or younger unless they pose a threat to themselves or others. This includes restraints such as pepper spray, tasers, handcuffs, and zip ties.

“As both a longtime advocate for school children and reasonable law enforcement practices, I am excited to see SB 133 become law. Through this bill, the Legislature has made great strides in ensuring that children below fifth grade are not needlessly traumatized by handcuffs, tasers, and pepper spray. Texas children are our state’s most valuable asset, and they deserve this important protection,” said Senator West.

During the 2018-19 school year in Texas, there were nearly 45,000 incidents in which students were restrained, with 91% of those incidents composed of students with disabilities.

“The passage of No Kids in Cuffs proves that child welfare remains a bipartisan issue and sets Texas as a national leader in school safety and child welfare,” said Noor Saleh, Government Relations Coordinator for Minaret Foundation.

With bi-partisan support and a coalition of over 30 organizations, led by Minaret Foundation including law enforcement, educators, and parents, No Kids In Cuffs keeps children safe by protecting them from physical and emotional trauma in schools.

“No words can express the immense joy and relief I feel knowing that Texan children and their families will have to endure the tremendous pain that my sons Isaac and Isaiah were subjected to,” said Heather Alex, mother of a child restrained in Nacogdoches.

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Shariq Abdul Ghani,, 713-443-3504

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