Advocacy Weekly Child Welfare Committee Member Feature

November Featured Committee Member: Sohail Arshad

Raha Jafari, our Outreach and Program Manager, sat down with Sohail Arshad from our Child Welfare Public Policy (CWPP) Committee.

A quick bio from Sohail:

“I am a Compensation Leader working in a global IT Consulting Firm where I am responsible for the strategy, design, and execution of bonus programs for the Sales Employees. I have an extensive background in HR, with a niche focus on Compensation (broad-based comp, sales comp, executive comp, merit increases, and bonuses etc.). When I am not working, I can be found spending time with my family (wife and 3 beautiful daughters) or volunteering with different organizations to assist people with Resumes, LinkedIn, Interviews, Career Counseling, Youth Mentorship, Excel Classes, Community Presentations on Communication and Conflict Resolution and/or being on the Child Welfare Committee right here at Minaret Foundation!”

Watch the video for more from Sohail about why he chose to be part of our committee!

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