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Child Welfare Policy

Food Stamps To SNAP Benefits– Why This Federal Food Program Is Here To Stay

Written By: Shanzeh Mirza, Student Policy Associate Food insecurity is a global issue no matter where we look, and with increasing prices everywhere– in gas, housing, educa...

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Child Welfare No Kids In Cuffs Policy

Unmasking the Silent Crisis: The Urgent Need for Transparency in School Restraint Practices

Written By: Gianni Jackson, Student Policy Associate While not commonly spoken of, restraint is a far-reaching issue that affects hundreds of thousands of students national...

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Religious Freedom

Religious Liberties Bills and the Media: Portrayal, Bias, and Responsibility

Written By: Sumer Brito, Student Policy Associate Religion has been a fundamental construct that not only plays a role in the law today but also nearly 200 years ago when d...

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Child Welfare No Kids In Cuffs

Restraint and Seclusion: Why the Federal Government Should Intervene Despite Having a Limited Role in Education Policy

Written By: Owen DeFao, Student Policy Associate Traditionally, the federal government has a limited role in education, as state laws typically govern the rights of student...

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Faith Religious Freedom

Balancing Faith and Education: The Tale of Two Texas Bills and Public Sentiment

Written By: Shanzeh Mirza, Student Policy Associate Religious liberty was a central issue of the 88th session. Several bills were introduced that would have a significant i...

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News & Events Outlook Overview

Minaret Foundation Outlook Overview: 5th Edition

Announcing our new staff and Summer 2023 interns! New Staff at Minaret Foundation Fatima Shah joins us as our Administrative Coordinator. Fatima is pursuing her...

News & Events

Take a Look: Austin City-Wide Iftar

We are excited to share highlights from the 2023 Austin City-Wide Iftar on April 2nd. Held at the Asian American Resource Center, this event celebrated unity and Muslim civic ...

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We made NATIONAL news! Did you see it?

We were featured in a national news story with the Religious News Service! It was an honor to have our work featured to show how a Muslim organization is working to ...

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Faith Policy

Recap: Legislator and Uyghur Survivor Press Conference

“Inmates turned into bodies without souls,” recollects Sayragul Sauytbay, a 43-year-old Uyghur Muslim woman forced into a reeducation facility. Imprisonment and genoc...

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Advocacy Weekly

Advocacy Weekly: Sharon Jones, Children At Risk

Advocacy Weekly is a series welcoming those working to make a difference in the community around them. Our team sits down with leaders in their space and discusses the who, wh...