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Faith Religious Freedom

Balancing Faith and Education: The Tale of Two Texas Bills and Public Sentiment

Written By: Shanzeh Mirza, Student Policy Associate Religious liberty was a central issue of the 88th session. Several bills were introduced that would have a significant i...

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Child Welfare Faith Policy

Press Release: Religious Excuse Letters, HB1212

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 06/07/2023 Shariq Abdul Ghani Minaret Foundation (713) 443-3504 shariq@minaretfoundation.com GOVERNOR ABBOTT SIGNS HOUSE BILL 1212 FURTHERING RELIGIOUS ...

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We made NATIONAL news! Did you see it?

We were featured in a national news story with the Religious News Service! It was an honor to have our work featured to show how a Muslim organization is working to ...

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Faith Policy

Recap: Legislator and Uyghur Survivor Press Conference

“Inmates turned into bodies without souls,” recollects Sayragul Sauytbay, a 43-year-old Uyghur Muslim woman forced into a reeducation facility. Imprisonment and genoc...

Uyghur Blog Post

Let’s Go Deeper: The Uyghur Crisis

by: Mayha Syed, Student Policy Associate “Inmates turned into bodies without souls,” recollects Sayragul Sauytbay, a 43-year-old Uyghur Muslim woman forced into a reeducati...

Racial Equality in Faith Traditions (1500 × 1000 px)

Racial Equality in Faith Traditions

Every Friday afternoon, the Imam at the Mosque announces the call to prayer, known as the athan. Amid the Imam’s recitation of the melodic words in Arabic, people from all cor...

Faith and Mental Health Featured Image

Let’s Talk Faith and Mental Health

Back-to-school time is stressful- for parents and children alike. The normal anxiety of a new routine, teachers, and classmates is now compounded with the looming threat of CO...