Safeguarding Our Children

We believe there is significant room for improvement in the child welfare framework in both Texas and our nation. We see children entering and exiting the foster care system without the skills necessary to succeed. We’re also seeing the expansion of the school-to-prison pipeline and a school system that reflects where children are instead of where they ought to be.

We also see our policymakers on both sides of the aisle, fighting to create transformative change in the child welfare space. The past decade has seen significant improvements in the foster care system, education, healthcare, and nutrition space through both regulatory changes and education.

However, like every other aspect of our societal framework, we can do better. As our nation continues to grow, our challenges will continue to evolve. At Minaret Foundation, our goal is to identify and heal the blindspots in the child welfare framework.

Together with our faith partners, we can help ease an overburdened system, further the possibilities for our children, and increase our nation’s chances for a brighter future.

Areas of Focus

Our work involves the following areas

  • Childhood Restraints

    Advocating for common-sense limitations of restraints on children and school restraint data reporting.

  • Child Trauma

    Identifying and creating policies to lessen the impact of trauma upon educational and behavioral development.

  • Child Nutrition

    Working within the existing framework to bolster childhood nutrition through policy innovation.