This Eid Al-Adha, we’re bringing Meet the Muslims back!

Once again, we’re looking for 300 Houston area Muslims to share a dessert with their neighbors. Walk over with a sweet in hand, introduce yourself, and spread some smiles!

Especially during these uncertain times, many of us are feeling alone and disconnected from our communities. Reaching out to those who live closest to us in our neighborhoods can help establish a feeling of togetherness, and build a foundation for a good relationship in the future.

This is a campaign to get us all to do something very simple, but very important. Maintaining contact and showing who we are through our actions not only honors the tradition of the Prophet (saw), but also helps bring our community closer together.

Let’s better relations with our neighbors, one sweet at a time!

“Angel Jibril advised me continuously to take care of the neighbor until I thought that Allah would say to make him an inheritor.” – The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Pledge to share a dessert by filling out the form below, and please share this event with others! Afterward, we’ll compile all the pictures of your desserts and publish them online.

Questions? Send us a message at

Proud to partner with Houston Muslim Group, An-Nisa Hope Center, Olive Branch, Wasat Institute, and MIST-Houston!

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July 31st
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Frequent Questions

Absolutely not! Ring the doorbell, hand over a dessert, and then do what’s natural. If that means you wish them well and walk away, then that’s exactly what you do.

Wear a mask when going to deliver the desserts – and if you think your neighbors would be more comfortable with a pre-packaged dessert, we’ve partnered with several local Muslim bakers and sweetmakers! You can get a great deal, support your local Muslim businesses, and share desserts without hesitation! The full list of businesses will be posted on our event page.

A slice or a pie, it’s completely up to you!

Yes –  with the hashtag #meettheMuslims ! Tag Minaret Foundation on FB or Instagram, or send it to us via email at