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If you’re searching for a qualified and professional Muslim speaker to represent our community’s views in an accurate and attention-grabbing manner at your next event, then you’re in the right place. Collectively we have had well over 500 speaking engagements around the country, at conferences, universities, houses of worship, social clubs, and more.

We can speak on various topics related to Islam, current events, and the American Muslim experience. Our speakers have sat on panels, lectured, conducted workshops, and have done open Q&A from the audience. We’ll use our experience to help you inspire and engage your audience and ensure they walk away with a sense of real value gained. We promise to never hold back, always be frank and sensitive in our views and use our words to bring people together.

Interested and want to learn more? Click here to request a speaker, email us at info@minaretfoundation.com, or give us a call at (281) 401-9229.

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If you’re a school, religious institution, or community organization, there are no honorariums or speaking fees whatsoever. Coming together and learning about one another shouldn’t cost a thing. We’d love to work with you and help change our world together.

General Topics

Engaging presentations to ensure your audience walks away with a better understanding of Islam and who their neighbors are.

The American Muslim Experience
Learn about the history, growth, and views of the American Muslim experience.

Sharia Law and the Constitution
How does the Muslim understanding of Sharia Law and American values intertwine?

War, Terror, and Hummus
Geared towards informing misconceptions about Islam and the war on terror with a guided Q&A.

Islam 101: Everything About Us
We’ll cover the basics of Islam and modern issues with an interactive, no holds barred Q&A.

Women’s Leadership In Islam
Our perspective on rights and roles from the Virgin Mary to the wife of the Prophet.

Spiritual Topics
Topics and discussion-oriented presentations related to Ramadan, forgiveness, the afterlife, and more.


For government agencies and companies, our interactive workshops will provide a no holds barred insight into the Muslim community.

Diversity Training For Law Enforcement
Muslim identity, Islam, and the different cultures which make up our complex city.

Recognizing and Countering Islamophobia
Learn to identify instances of hate and prejudice and how to address it with your constituents.

Knowing Your Muslim Constituents
Gain a better understanding of what drives Muslims to succeed and why it matters to you.

Muslims, Moozlims, and Moslems
We’ll help you identify the cultural and religious habits of local and foreign employees and their sensitivities.

Train the Trainer

Geared towards Muslim communities, these workshops are designed to help leadership better engage our friends outside of the Muslim community.

Sharia Law and Polygamy: How To Talk About Islam
Learn how to talk about the fundamentals of Islam and contemporary issues.

Creating Spaces on Campus
We’ll talk about ways to identify intersections on campus for interfaith opportunities.

Conducting an Open House and Masjid Tour
Learn advanced fundamentals to maximize your open house and masjid tour.

Innovative Bridge Building
Use creative ways to build long-lasting relationships with your neighbors.

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