We’re leveraging our beliefs to create sustainable change in the communities around us.

Change Through Engagement

In 2021, despite COVID, our programs and advocacy efforts engaged thousands of Texans in rallying together to change the world around us. Together, we brought faith communities together to advocate for policies related to child welfare, food insecurity and religious freedom. Inspired by our faith, we crossed boundaries, reached out to those with whom we differ, and sought dialogue on the issues that bring us together.

"And do good, for Allah certainly loves the doers of good."Holy Quran (Al-Baqarah:195)

2020 - 2021 Impact Snapshot

  • 13

    49 major engagements with faith congregations in the past 12 months

  • 4
    Child Restraints

    Our Muslim-led bill, ‘No Kids In Cuffs’, brought together 36+ bi-partisan groups

  • 5

    14 news articles, segments, and op-eds locally and state-wide in 2021

  • 3
    Rental Assistance

    Built faith coalition to advocate for rental assistance from $5M to $19.1M in Fort Bend

  • 1331848_WebsiteIcons-v2_Second-Chances_032822
    Second Chances

    Successfully advocated for the creation of a Juvenile Mental Health Court

  • 2
    Law Enforcement Policy

    Organized the majority of Imams and Rabbis to advise Mayor Turner on relational policing

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    Outside the Box

    Organized the first networking event exclusively for Imam’s and evangelical Pastors in Houston

  • 1331848_WebsiteIcons-v2_UyghurResolution_032522
    Uyghur Resolution

    Created and passed the first municipal resolution in the United States committing Harris County with the Uyghur cause

  • 1331848_WebsiteIcons-v2_FoodInsecurity_032822
    Food Insecurity

    Created the city of Houston’s Food Insecurity Board, a working group of policy professionals focused on tackling hunger in Houston.

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    Body-Worn Cameras

    Created a letter signed by the ecumenical heads of Abrahamic traditions in Houston calling on Gov. Abbott to set aside funding for law enforcement.