Interfaith Conversations

Calling Upon God

Hear from a Rabbi, an Imam, and a Pastor about turning to God and keeping Him centered during these difficult times. Hear from their unique faith experiences, and together, let's learn more about Calling Upon God.

Faith 101: United Methodists with Reverend Jeff McDonald

Join us as we visit with Rev. Jeff McDonald of St. Paul's UMC and learn the broad strokes of the United Methodist tradition.

Flattening the Atheism Curve

So many of us have picked up a green thumb, become Bob the Builder, amped up our gaming, or are trying to become the next Gordan Ramsay. But, how about being the most faithful and devout person we can be AND inspiring others to recognize God's presence in these times?

Faith 101: Reform Judaism with Rollin Simmons

Join us today as we talk to Cantor Rollin Simmons of Congregation Emanu El and learn the broad strokes of Reform Judaism.

Letting Friends Go

In the course of our lives, it’s natural for people to drift apart. Whether it’s because of distance, different colleges or employers, or just getting caught up in life, it’s just a part of life. However, sometimes, friends can be so different, spiritually, and politically that you may find them on an entirely opposite path from your own. And other times, they can be a source of pain, sadness, and regret.

Pastors and Rabbis - Eid Greetings For Houston Muslims

We reached out to a few friends to send Eid greetings for our community, and we're so honored to have 30 Pastors and Rabbis participate this Eid. Just like our elected officials, we are BLESSED to have so many friends and partners of our community.

Faith 101: The Evangelical Lutheran Church with Karin Liebster

Join us today as we connect with Reverend Karin Liebster of Christ the King Lutheran Church as we learn the broad strokes of the Evangelical Lutheran tradition.

Where Do We Go Now - Faith Leaders and Racial Justice

There is a REAL fear that Mr. Floyd's murder will be consumed by the news cycle, and as the country opens up, and fatigue sets in - the possibility of sustainable change will die with it. In today's conversation, we'll discuss how we move forward as faith communities and the next steps faith leaders are taking in the midst of this tragedy.

Faith 101: Episcopalianism with David Wantland Part 2

Join us today as we revisit Reverend David Wantland of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church and learn the broad strokes of the Episcopalian tradition.

Disaster Amid Disaster

A discussion between three multifaith panelists about how this year's hurricane season will be different and the challenges from a faith perspective during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Faith 101: Conservative Judaism with Rabbi Steven Morgen

Join us today as we connect with Rabbi Steven Morgen of Congregation Beth Yeshurun as we learn the broad strokes of the Conservative Jewish tradition.

Faith 101: Presbyterianism with Reverend Kathleen Davies

Join us today as we visit with Reverend Kathleen Davies of Servant Savior Presbyterian Church and learn the broad strokes of the Presbyterian tradition.

Mental Illness and Faith Communities

Now more than ever, addressing mental health is important for all of us, including faith communities. But many times, faith leaders don’t know where to start. This webinar will be more of a conversation between practitioners in the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faith traditions discussing approaches and methods to assist faith leaders with their congregations.