Muslim Jewish Christmas

Muslim Jewish Christmas 2022

For 12 years, the Muslim-Jewish Christmas (MJC) has brought together thousands of Houstonians around the greater Houston area to break bread, laugh, cry, and learn from one another. This program is a unique and attention-grabbing opportunity bringing together Muslims and Jews around Christmas Eve to further their relationships through dialogue, activity, and a potluck meal.

Starting with one mosque and one synagogue in the first five years, our program has grown to include six synagogues and six mosques in two separate events. Developed through a layered process, our program provides a low-entry and media-worthy means of bringing 75-150 individuals together for a relationship-building event that can become a signature interfaith program in their respective communities. 

Previous programs have created conversations around sacred allyship, mercy, forgiveness, identifying hate, past struggles, and connections with our faith. The sharing of intimate perspectives of our faith with others at our table deepens bonds between communities and their leadership. 

Program Structure

The two-hour program can be held at a neutral or Muslim and Jewish location every other year. It is a dialogue-centric program focused more on group conversations between attendees rather than a panel discussion and group discussion.

Program Suggestions

A typical program sees the co-hosts introduce MJC, laying out the groundwork and the vision, moderated group conversations, and a wrap-up. Throughout the program, depending on the venue, finger food should be available and is ideally done in a potluck fashion. 

  • Spiritual Sessions – related specifically to topics such as Jihad, Afterlife, Tzedakah
  • Community Development – Muslim/Jewish identity struggles, raising a family in America as a minority, building bridges against hate
  • Outreach – mitzvah planning, mitzvah activity, hosting a film screening
  • Team Building – brainstorming efforts including puzzles, solving an activity together,  playing a quick game
  • Engagement – panels, TV talk show style discussions, fireside chats

Gallery Of Previous Muslim Jewish Christmas Events

How do you get started?

Our vision is to see this program in 50 cities by 2025!

If you’re interested in being a host city, please contact Kinza Baree at or by calling (281) 401-9229. We’re here to provide the support you need to make this program successful in your city.

Let’s have a conversation to explore what this unique program can look like in your city!


How much does this program cost?

This program has zero costs associated with it. The meal is in pot-luck style to increase conversation and community, and Minaret Foundation will provide you with fliers, training, and other marketing resources to help you make this program a success.

Why Christmas?

It is an easy and ripe opportunity to bring together both communities because of the lack of programming, work, and school. 

Are Christians invited?

The MJC is a terrific time to focus exclusively on the relationship between Muslims and Jews. Christians are always invited, but they may be a little busy!

When can we cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

The MJC is an interfaith dialogue event focused on our faith systems. We recommend covering the conflict outside of this event, unless it comes up at an individual or group level organically. Ideally, there would be a pattern of engagement and trust prior to delving into such a sensitive topic.

What are examples of past themes?

In Houston, we have done programs related to the hereafter, charity, Muslim/Jewish identity struggles, mercy and forgiveness, raising a family in America as a minority, and standing together against hate. 

What day and time should the program occur?

The program should happen before Christmas, and is easiest to do on the weekend leading up to Christmas or on Christmas Eve itself. It can occur in the daytime or in the evening, depending upon what works best for your community. 

What role does Minaret Foundation play?

We will provide you with information, training, and marketing materials to make the event a success. Apart from that, this will be a local program focused on your communities alone.