Governor Greg Abbott has signed our bill to mandate training for judges on family violence! This is our first bill to pass the finish line!

In partnership with AnNisa Hope Center, we’re excited to see the Judicial Awareness and Training Act (JATA) become law, equipping judges with the knowledge to understand and tackle family violence.

With this law, every courtroom becomes a safer space for survivors. Cheers to this monumental milestone!

Thank you to Senator Carol Alvarado and Representative Lacey Hull for championing this cause and all survivors of family violence.

And, a special thanks to our coalition members for their time and support!

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Domestic violence permeates every level of society, including our judicial system. While domestic violence perpetrators are often prosecuted within our judicial system, victims also appear in court and are prosecuted for unrelated charges. Victims of domestic violence can be forced– because of their unfortunate circumstances– to violate laws unrelated to domestic violence.

For example, a mother who is a victim of economic abuse may shoplift baby formula, knowing that asking for extra money from her partner would result in a bloodied lip and a black eye. This mother is caught, prosecuted, and summoned before a judge, where she is sentenced. Through the mother’s trial, there are clear signs of domestic violence. Although the court is not prosecuting a domestic violence charge, recognizing the signs of domestic violence can help victims find resources and avoid dangerous situations.

While domestic violence is often a personal and delicate issue, advocacy and legislation can help lessen the stigma for survivors and help bring about justice. The example stated above can be avoided by mandating domestic violence training for all judges in the state of Texas. Currently, Texas law allows judges who do not preside over domestic violence cases to be exempt from domestic violence training. Still, as we know, domestic violence presents itself uniquely for individual survivors.

How It Works

During the 88th Texas Legislative Session Minaret Foundation has partnered with An-Nisa Hope Center to support judicial training legislation introduced by Senator Carol Alvarado (SB855). This bill will help ensure that our judicial system properly understands the impact domestic violence can have on survivors. Through these trainings, we believe the judicial system can become increasingly helpful in addressing domestic violence and offering survivors support. This bill will not burden the state with any additional costs.


Please contact us at info@minaretfoundation.com.

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SB855Alvarado, Carol (D)Judicial Awareness Training Act: Relating to continuing judicial training regarding family violence victims.Child Welfare