There are no current regulations for how a school excuses a religious holiday. Districts may ask for documentation from a clergy member or a religious leader. However, notes can pose a significant burden that may complicate a student’s ability to celebrate their holiday. The place of worship may be too far to travel when a parent works long hours, or the cost of transportation may be prohibitive for individuals living paycheck to paycheck. 

How It Works

HB1212 amends Section 25.087 of Texas’ Education Code to specify school districts may not require documentation from a clergy member or other religious leader to excuse the student’s absence for a religious holiday. Rather, a note from the student’s parents or guardians will be accepted to verify their absence.

Expected Outcomes

Schools can empower parents as decisionmakers of their child’s education by prohibiting requirements beyond a note from the student’s parent or guardian to verify their absence. The result facilitates children’s ability to celebrate their holiday without worrying about the impact on their attendance.

Program Cost

There is no cost associated with altering the documentation need to excuse student absences. 


If your school district or agency is interested in working with us to establish this program for you, please contact us at info@minaretfoundation.com.

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HB1212Jetton, Jacey (R)Religious Excuse Letter: Relating to verification of excused absences from public school for the purpose of observing religious holy days.Religious Freedom

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