Religious Freedom For All

Religious freedom is a point of enormous pride for us as Americans. It underscores our vibrant democracy and values the role of a higher power in our lives and our nation.

The First Amendment guarantees all people the right to practice (or not to practice) any faith of their choosing. Additionally, it prevents government entities from interfering in the religious activities of our citizens.

We are committed to advancing religious freedom both domestically and abroad to ensure all people have room to practice their faith without fear of restriction or oppression. As stated in the International Religious Freedom charter, we support the right to worship “for everyone, everywhere, all the time.”

At Minaret Foundation, we’re advancing the issue of religious freedom through advocacy and policy. This means realizing religious freedom at our civic institutions, schools, places of employment, and our neighborhoods. Muslims and other faith communities should never have to choose between their faith and another aspect of their life.

Areas of Focus

Our work involves the following areas

  • Educational Institutions

    Working with our educational partners to ensure no student has to choose between their education or their faith tradition.

  • International

    Serving as a Texan-partner for national NGO’s to advocate for international religious freedom.

  • State and Federal

    Addressing and introducing common-sense policies to further religious freedom in systemic blind spots.