Muslims should be quoted in the media for more than just ‘Muslim-y’ issues. Our community is rich with talent and our next project is making sure your voices are heard!

We’re compiling a source list of Houston Muslim professionals, and several outlets in Houston have said they would not only use it but also share it around.

If you’ve spent 3+ years in your field (maintenance, engineer, plumber, etc.), please signup. We’ll be in touch with more information and a short virtual training. We need 400+ positions filled out to have a credible document, so please help us and share it widely!

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Frequent Questions

Together, we can change the way people see our community and our way of life.

What kind of training?

We’ll have a short pre-recorded  20-minute training you can take at your leisure, with a live mock-interview at the end.

Do I have to live in Houston?

Yes! As of right now, we’re focused solely on specialists in Houston. We’ll expand our scope at a later time insha’Allah.

I don't like being on TV

That’s fine! If you don’t want to do an interview, we’ll teach you how to respectfully decline. Keep in mind, MOST interviews will be done over the phone.

Can I be a specialist in a few fields?

Maybe! Have you had at least 3 years of experience in each field, and currently hold a job title which allows you to do both? For example, a UX specialist in oil and gas can talk about oil and gas software and the UX industry. In this case, make sure you list more than one!

How do I know if I'm a specialist?

You’re holding the job title AND have at least 3 years of experience, OR you’re retired from that field/position.

How often will I be interviewed?

There isn’t any guarantee that you’ll be interviewed. In fact, you may never be called on. It really depends on each story and the reporters need for sources. Our directory will give reporters an additional avenue to reach out to experts.

What if I'm retired?

Great! Please list the job title you held and we’ll get back to you.

Are you going to sell our data?

Absolutely not. We’ll give it away for free, and we’ll only give it away to established journalists and media organizations. They will not publish it or make it available for public consumption.

How Can You Help?

Together, we can change the way people see our community and our way of life.

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