Islam and Muslims

Explaining Ramadan

Shariq Abdul Ghani the Director of Minaret Foundation and Imam Mahad Qamar of Suhbah Institute answer the most common questions asked about Ramadan.

Explaining Hajj - Overview of Steps and Process

Join us for the final part of the Explaining Hajj series! This discussion will be with Dr. Basem Hamid and Zain Khan!

Supporting Zabihah

We're talking about how COVID-19 has impacted the Zabihah industry in Houston, Texas with Haloodie, Radio Naya Andaaz, Biryani & More, OMG! Burger, Gyro King, and Ghulam Dhanani.

Class of COVID-19

While the pandemic may have left us in quarantine, it has really opened opportunity's door for young people to get out and make a change. Learn from these changemakers!

Explaining Hajj Series Part 1: Benefits and Virtues

Join us for the first of four discussions about Hajj with Ustadha Safiya Ravat and Safra Khan! We will be discussing the significance of Hajj in Islam, benefits and virtues, as well as the historical context behind it.

Explaining Hajj Part 2: Stoning the Pillars

Join us of the Explaining Hajj Series with Hamza Ghia and Faizan Majid!

Explaining Hajj Part 3: Camping for a few days! Mina and Muzdalifah

Join us tonight for part 3 of the Explaining Hajj series! This week's discussion will be with Abdur Rahman Chao and Shariq Abdul Ghani!

Explaining Hajj Series Part 4: The Sacrifice

Join us tonight for part 4 of the Explaining Hajj series! This discussion will be with Br. Ahmed Shaheed and Sumaiyah Khan!