The Juvenile Mental Health Fellowship, sponsored by Salman Patoli and Nausheen Noor, is a highly selective, research-based fellowship centered on Juvenile Mental Health Courts (JMHC) in Texas. This fellowship offers a unique opportunity for students to delve into the intersection between mental health and the juvenile justice system within Texas’ legal framework.

About The Fellowship:

The fellowship is reserved for graduate students studying public policy, psychology, social work, criminology, or related programs. Fellows will be able to engage in rigorous research, policy analysis, and program evaluation, focusing on understanding the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Texas juvenile justice system.

Fellowship Path: 

Throughout the fellowship, recipients will benefit from the guidance and mentorship of leading experts and practitioners involved in JMHCs across Texas. Fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with professionals within Texas’ juvenile justice system, including judges, attorneys, and mental health providers, to gain practical insights and contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of mental health services within these courts.  

The Juvenile Mental Health Fellowship aims to empower and support graduate students who are passionate about improving the lives of young individuals involved in the juvenile justice system in Texas. By conducting comprehensive research and contributing to evidence-based practices, fellows will play a crucial role in driving positive change and enhancing the outcomes of juveniles in Texas by providing the empirical data needed to provide a robust framework for juvenile mental health courts to expand.

Salman Patoli and Nausheen Noor’s Commitment: 

The motivation for driving our family to establish a fellowship dedicated to studying juvenile mental health in the Houston area is deeply rooted in a commitment to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of young individuals facing mental health challenges. Our own experiences have underscored the urgent need for tailored research and interventions that address youth’s unique emotional and psychological needs during their formative years. By creating this fellowship, we aim to honor our belief in the transformative power of knowledge by fostering a collaborative environment where experts, researchers, and practitioners can work together to unravel the complexities of juvenile mental health.

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