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Woven Wings Live Podcast Featuring Shariq Ghani

Listen Now On Apple Podcasts: Building Multi-Faith Coalitions for Civic Change Embracing Stories That Bind Us: Introducing Woven Wings Live Podcast In a world seeking au...

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Advocacy Weekly Child Welfare Committee Member Feature

November Featured Committee Member: Sohail Arshad

Raha Jafari, our Outreach and Program Manager, sat down with Sohail Arshad from our Child Welfare Public Policy (CWPP) Committee. A quick bio from Sohail: “I am...

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Faith Religious Freedom

How We Honor International Religious Freedom Day

Written By: Noor Saleh, Former Policy Analyst This is a repost from October 2021. October 27th is International Religious Freedom Day, an opportunity to celebrate the fr...

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Child Welfare

Trauma and Youth In the Juvenile Justice System

Written By: Rhea Nayak, Juvenile Mental Health Fellow Psychiatric disorders and mental illness are disproportionately high in minors involved in the juvenile justice system...

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Child Welfare

Juvenile Mental Health Courts: A More Holistic Strategy 

Written By: Rhea Nayak, Juvenile Mental Health Fellow Approximately 50 to 75% of the 2 million youth involved in the juvenile justice system meet the criteria for one or mo...

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Child Welfare No Kids In Cuffs

Restraint and Seclusion: Why the Federal Government Should Intervene Despite Having a Limited Role in Education Policy

Written By: Owen DeFao, Student Policy Associate Traditionally, the federal government has a limited role in education, as state laws typically govern the rights of student...

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News & Events Outlook Overview

Minaret Foundation Outlook Overview: 5th Edition

Announcing our new staff and Summer 2023 interns! New Staff at Minaret Foundation Fatima Shah joins us as our Administrative Coordinator. Fatima is pursuing her...

Child Welfare No Kids In Cuffs Policy Religious Freedom

Five bills, Five LAWS! We did it!

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: Governor Abbott has signed his signature on not one, not two, but FIVE of our groundbreaking bills, turning them into LAW! Ou...

News & Events

Take a Look: Austin City-Wide Iftar

We are excited to share highlights from the 2023 Austin City-Wide Iftar on April 2nd. Held at the Asian American Resource Center, this event celebrated unity and Muslim civic ...

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Faith Policy

Recap: Legislator and Uyghur Survivor Press Conference

“Inmates turned into bodies without souls,” recollects Sayragul Sauytbay, a 43-year-old Uyghur Muslim woman forced into a reeducation facility. Imprisonment and genoc...